Available REST calls

The following is a list of available GunBroker.com API endpoints and a brief description of functionality provided.

Some endpoints require an AccessToken as indictated below and must be sent over HTTPS. All endpoints that require AccessTokens must also be contain a DevKey header to be supplied by GunBroker.com.

Request Format

For GET and DELETE requests, the parameters (if any) must be sent via the URL.

For POST and PUT requests, the request body must be JSON, with the Content-Type header set to application/json.

Response Format

The response format for all requests is JSON.

Whether a request succeeded is indicated by the HTTP status code. A 2xx status code indicates success, whereas a 4xx or 5xx status code indicates failure. If the request is in a bad format, a 400 Bad Request will be returned. When a request fails, you will receive a MessageResponse with both a User Message and a Developer Message for debugging.

Access is granted to specific endpoints upon request. If you require access to additional endpoints, please request them by e-mailing [email protected].

Url Verb Functionality AccessToken
/AddressBook GET Search your address book YES
/BankAccounts GET Search your bank accounts YES
/BankAccounts/Invalid POST Mark a bank account as invalid YES
/Bid POST Bid on an item YES
/Bid/Confirm POST Confirm bid YES
/BillingInformation GET Get billing information YES
/BuyNow POST Buy an item using BuyNow! feature YES
/Categories GET Category information OPTIONAL
/Categories/{categoryID} GET Single category information OPTIONAL
/Categories/Hierarchy GET Return a hierarchical view of all categories YES
/Countries GET Returns a list of countries YES
/Coupons GET Returns a list of coupons based on search OPTIONAL
/CreditCards GET Search your credit cards YES
/CreditRequests GET Search your credit requests YES
/Feedback POST Leave feedback YES
/Feedback/{userID} GET User's feedback details OPTIONAL
/Feedback/Summary/{userID} GET User's feedback summary OPTIONAL
/FeedbackAwaiting GET Search items that are awaiting feedback YES
/FFL/{fflID} GET Single FFL detail OPTIONAL
/FFL/Zip/{zip} GET Search FFLs by zip OPTIONAL
/FFLs GET Search FFLs by Lat / Long OPTIONAL
/FFLs/License/ GET Search FFL by Region, District and Sequence Number OPTIONAL
/FixedPrice POST Buy fixed price item YES
/FraudClaims/Buyer GET Search your fraud claims as a buyer YES
/FraudClaims/Buyer/{ObjectID} DELETE Deleting a fraud claim for a buyer YES
/FraudClaims/Seller GET Search your fraud claims as a seller YES
/GunBrokerTime GET Current GunBroker.com time OPTIONAL
/Items GET Search live items OPTIONAL
/Items POST List an item YES
/Items DELETE End item YES
/Items/?{itemIds} DELETE Delete multiple items by IDs YES
/Items/{itemID} GET Single item OPTIONAL
/Items/{itemID} PUT Edit single item YES
/Items/{itemID}/Relist POST Relist single item YES
/Items/Autocomplete GET Autocomplete items YES
/Items/Showcase GET Random showcase items YES
/Items?{itemIDs} GET Get multiple items by ID OPTIONAL
/ItemsBidOn GET User's items bid on YES
/ItemsCompleted GET Search completed items YES
/ItemsNotWon GET User's items not won YES
/ItemsScheduled GET Get your scheduled OPTIONAL
/ItemsSelling GET Gets the user's active listings YES
/ItemsSold GET Users's items sold YES
/ItemsSold/{itemID} PUT Update flags on items YES
/ItemStandardText GET Retrieves the standard text for the logged-in user YES
/ItemsUnsold GET Users's items unsold YES
/ItemsWatched GET User's watched items YES
/ItemsWatched POST Add item to user's watched list YES
/ItemsWatched/{itemID} DELETE Delete item from user's watched list YES
/ItemsWon GET User's items won YES
/ItemsWon/{itemID} PUT Update Items won flags YES
/Messages/AskUser POST Contact a user YES
/Messages/ContactFFL POST Contact a FFL YES
/Messages/SentToFriend POST Contact a friend YES
/Orders/{orderID} GET Retrieve an order detail. YES
/Orders/{orderID}/Flags PUT Set order flags YES
/Orders/{OrderID}/Update PUT Set FFL Shipping details YES
/Orders/{OrderID}/UpdateFFL PUT Update the FFL Number on an existing order YES
/OrdersShippingPut PUT Update Order details YES
/OrdersSold GET Search your sold orders YES
/OrdersWon GET Search your won orders YES
/PaymentLog GET Return payment log information for a seller's orders YES
/Pictures GET Get pictures for an item YES
/Pictures/{itemID} POST Add pictures to an item YES
/Pictures/{pictureID} DELETE Delete pictures for an item YES
/Preferences GET User's notification preferences YES
/Preferences PUT Set a user's notification preferences YES
/SavedSearches GET User's saved searches YES
/SavedSearches POST Create a save searches YES
/SavedSearches/{SavedSearchID} DELETE Delete Saved searches YES
/SavedSearches/{SavedSearchID} PUT Update Saved searches YES
/Shipments GET Get shipment history YES
/Shipments/{ShipmentID} DELETE Deleting a shipment YES
/ShippingProfile/{shippingProfileID} GET Returns the Profile Type when given a ShippingProfileID YES
/ShippingProfile/{shippingProfileID}/{Value} GET Returns the cost by quantity, cost by price or cost by weight when given shippingProfileID and value parameters YES
/ShippingProfileSearch GET Search your shipping profiles YES
/TransGuardian/Authenticate POST Authenticate to TransGuardian OPTIONAL
/TransGuardian/Insurance POST Purchasing insurance for a shipment OPTIONAL
/TransGuardian/Rates GET Get TransGuardian Rates YES
/TransGuardian/Shipment POST Purchasing a shipping label for a shipment OPTIONAL
/Users/AccessToken POST Acquires a user access token OPTIONAL
/Users/AccessToken DELETE Deactivates a user's access token YES
/Users/AccountInfo GET Get the logged-in user's account information YES
/Users/AutoComplete GET Autocomplete Username OPTIONAL
/Users/BusinessAddress DELETE Deleting user's business address YES
/Users/ContactInfo GET Get user information YES
/Users/FFL DELETE Deleting user's FFL information YES

Access is granted to specific endpoints upon request. If you require access to additional endpoints, please request them by e-mailing [email protected].