FFL Summary

The FFL Summary for buyers and sellers.


Field Data Type Description
ObjectID integer The FFL's Object ID.
License Number string The FFL's License Number
eFFLUrl string The URL for the eFFL document for this FFL
Name string The FFL's Name.
Company string The FFL's Company
Address1 string The FFL's Adress1.
Address2 string The FFL's Address2.
City string The FFL's City.
State string The FFL's State.
Zip string The FFL's Zip number.
Phone string The FFL's Phone.
Fax string The FFL's Fax.
CellPhone string The FFL's Cell Phone.
Hours string The Business Hours
Promo string Promotional Message from FFL
StatusFlag integer The Status of FFL
HandGunFee boolean Fee to Transfer a Handgun
HandGunDesc string Description of Handgun Fee
LongGunFee boolean Fee to Transfer a Longgun
LongGunDesc string Description of Longgun Fee
NICFee boolean Fee to runs NIC
NICDesc string Description of NIC Fee
OtherFee boolean Fee for the Other business
OtherDesc string Description of Other Fee
IsActive boolean Null = FFL information was not submitted
True = FFL information was submitted and can be displayed
False= FFL information was submitted but should not be displayed