/Checkout/Payment/{OrderID} POST

Finalize the Order for a held Item after a successfully processed payment.



Header Data Type Valid Values Required Description
Content-Type string application/json YES The format your data will be sent to our site.
X-DevKey string string YES The devkey assigned to the developer.
X-AccessToken string string YES The token acquired from a POST to Users/AccessToken.


NOTE: Variables to place in the body of the request.

Parameter Data Type Valid Values Description
PaymentStatus integer 1 - Approved

2 - Declined

3 - Pending
Specify the status of the payment.
TransactionID string string Unique identifier GunBroker can use to link back the payment processor's transaction. TransactionID is required when PaymentStatus is Approved.
ResponseCode string string Payment processor's internal value used to indicate the status of the transaction.
BuyerID integer positive # The GunBroker.com User ID for the Buyer of the Item.
PaymentAmount decimal positive # The total payable on the Order.
MaskedAccount string string Masked Account number used to make payment.
PaymentType string string Describes the type of payment, such as Credit Card or ACH
PaymentMethodName string string Identifies the payment by name, such as Visa or Mastercard
Name string string Buyers full name
Address1 string string Billing Address Line 1
Address2 string string Billing Address Line 2
City string string Billing City
State string 2 character state code Billing State
PostalCode string string Billing Postal Code
CountryCode string string Billing Country Code
AccertifyPaymentResponse string serialized JSON object Optional. If available pass in the serialized JSON object returned by your call to the Accertify Payment API.


All authorized calls to this endpoint will result in a 200 OK reponse. The body of the response contains a ResponseCode that will tell you the result of your request

Parameter Data Type Valid Values Description
ResponseCode string 000 - Item Held
001 - Item is no longer available
002 - Item is no longer available for Buy Now
003 - Order not found
004 - Invalid Order status
005 - Order does not belong to the Buyer
006 - Requested quantity is no longer available
007 - Specified Payment Amount is not valid
008 - Checkout complete
009 - Payment failed, hold released
010 - Checkout complete payment in process
011 - Chargeback has been recorded
012 - Chargeback has been reversed
013 - Chargeback already exists on Order
014 - Order has been updated to Payment Received
015 - Order has been updated to Pending Payment Received
016 - Chargeback does not exist on Order
017 - TransactionID is required for Approved payments.
999 - An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again.
Response code tells you the result of your request.
Message string string Describes either the action taken or error encountered.
ExtraInfo string string Optional text that provides relevant information for an error while processing the request.