/Messages/SendToFriend POST

Send an item to a friend by providing the person's name and email address.



Header Data Type Valid Values Required Description
Content-Type string application/json YES The format your data will be sent to our site.
X-DevKey string string YES The devkey assigned to the developer.
X-AccessToken string string YES The token acquired from a POST to Users/AccessToken.


NOTE: Variables to place in the body of the request.

Parameter Data Type Valid Values Description
ItemID integer positive # ID of item being sent
ToEmail string valid email address Email of the friend you are sending the item to
FriendsName string string Name of the friend you are sending the item to
BCCToMySelf boolean true/false Indicates if a Blind Carbon Copy should be sent to the logged in user
Message string string Message body


If the user fails permission to send a message or uses an invalid item id, you will receive a 409 Conflict and a Message Response indicating the reason.

If there are no errors with the input parameters, this call will respond with a 200 OK and a Message Response indicating success.