/Messages/AskUser POST

Send a question to a user regarding an item they are selling or a transaction between the seller and buyer.



Header Data Type Valid Values Required Description
Content-Type string application/json YES The format your data will be sent to our site.
X-DevKey string string YES The devkey assigned to the developer.
X-AccessToken string string YES The token acquired from a POST to Users/AccessToken.


NOTE: Variables to place in the body of the request.

Parameter Data Type Valid Values Description
UserID integer positive # ID of user the messsage is being sent to
ItemID integer positive # ID of item the message is about (Optional - Required if OrderID is not sent)
OrderID integer positive # ID of the order the message is about (Optional - Required if ItemID is not sent)
BCCToMySelf boolean true/false Indicates if a Blind Carbon Copy should be sent to the logged in user
Message string string Message body


If the user fails permission to send a message, you will receive a 400 BadRequest and a Message Response indicating the reason.

If there are no errors with the input parameters, this call will respond with a 200 OK and a Message Response indicating success.