/SavedSearches GET

Returns saved searches as a List Response for the authenticated user of the request.



Header Data Type Valid Values Required Description
Content-Type string application/json YES The format your data will be sent to our site.
X-DevKey string string YES The devkey assigned to the developer.
X-AccessToken string string YES The token acquired from a POST to Users/AccessToken.


NOTE: Variables to place in the query string of the request.

Optional PagingParameters


Parameter Data Type Valid Values Description
ID int int SaveSearch identifier.
Name string string Name of the save search.
Description string string The text representation of the saved search.
EmailSettings EmailSettings string If user receives daily email, then 'Receive Emails'
If user does not receive daily email, then 'Do Not Receive Emails'
WillBeSentDailyEmail boolean true/false Does this SaveSearch be sent an email to the user daily?
IncludeRelistsInEmail boolean true/false Does this SaveSearch include relisted items?
SortByValue integer 0 = Shortest Time Left
1 = Longest Time Left
2 = Lowest Item Number First
3 = Highest Item Number First
4 = Lowest Price First
5 = Highest Price First
6 = Oldest Items First
7 = Newest Items First
8 = Lowest Number of Bids First
9 = Highest Number of Bids First
10= Lowest Quantity First
11= Highest Quantity First
The sort options selected for this saved search


Rel Description Condition
Search Execute the saved search